Infagon 5.1

Generates SQL-DDL code for several different database systems
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Mattic B.V.

Infagon is an information modeling tool based on Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM). FCO-IM can be seen as a dialect of Object Role Modeling (ORM).
ORM is a very thorough method capable of modeling complex situations. Compared to UML the ORM is relatively unknown. The method gained some popularity because it has been integrated in the 'Enterprise Architect' versions of Microsoft Visio.

Object Role Modeling uses natural language expressions to describe the information model. A structural model is derived from the natural language expressions. Both the expressions and the structural model are stored in a central repository. Because of the unique structure of the repository it is relatively simple to transform an ORM model into a relational database model, an UML class diagram or an ER model.

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